Let's look at how 2019 will end and what 2020 will beckon!
Programmatic practices have expanded to new frontiers, cookie-based tracking techniques are now more restricted, and emerging channels have impacted the industry in an almost unprecedented fashion.
What Will the
New Year Bring to the Digital Advertising Market?
FROM 2019 TO 2020:
Growing Mobile Users
2019 shows the massive mobile growth we've seen throughout the 2010s continuing, with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs). MGID's relating work primarily revolves around smart widgets for AMPs, capitalizing on the ever-expanding opportunities quality mobile traffic brings.
The Top AdTech Trends Rounding Out 2019:
Average CPM growth
with MGID's AMP solutions
Transparent Supply Chains
By implementing sellers.json and SupplyChain objects into our service, MGID has been a diligent early supporter of increasing trustworthiness and profitability of ad inventories.. We're proud to help ensure transparency within the advertising industry, maintaining real-time records to secure every transaction.
AdTech company to adopt sellers.json
The Emergence of 5G
It's easy to underestimate 5G, as it doesn't change AdTech experiences, it simply improves them with unparalleled personalization potential. Lower latency allows dynamic content delivery that's free from data transfer limits, as data is simultaneously received, interpreted, then sent faster than ever before.
A Boost in Video Ad Formats
Launching our own MGID video product in CIS, Vietnam and the USA in 2019, the prospect that video brings 2020 is incredibly exciting. It's evidence that brands are only just scraping the surface of their pure creative potential.
Video ad impressions served in 2019
Explosive Digital Growth in APAC
What was once a localized and analog market is now an industry leader in development potential, with APAC expansion reaching an all-time digital high. Recently, we matched this rapidity with our own APAC expansion, bringing years of prior involvement as a catalyst to this immense region of potential.
new offices opened in APAC
Brand Safety Remains Crucial for Advertisers
Taking care of ensuring your reputation is as renowned as your product has been key for years, and 2019/2020 are no different. If you truly care about the products you sell and advertisements you run, your chosen platform needs to reflect this in their treatment of your brand. Such as MGID with its user-to-product matching algorithm.
Enough About 2019 – What's New for 2020?
awards won for the user-to-product matching algorithm
Performance-based approach has kept prominence in 2019. MGID went much further. We provide brands and advertisers with new levels of insight, quantifying everything – from brand reach to the conversion rate – for each and every ad. We call this approach "Brandformance".
Cookies are going to change, massively. Firefox's ETP and Safari's Intelligent Tracking Prevention demonstrate how third-party, cookie-based identifiers are becoming an ever-rarer breed. Users in 2020 will need to be shown the purpose behind the ad they're seeing, via a carefully constructed user experience, that aims to answer any new challenges 2020 brings.
Contextual Advertising
Contextual targeting delivers the ads based upon the content being viewed, eliminating the aforementioned issue with cookies. This targeting method demands for bigger and better content in 2020.
The heightened data intelligence available now boosts the already-growing programmatic market, with cross-channel strategies that are contained within a single campaign becoming the standard.
An Omnichannel Strategy
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